Saskatchewan Dental Assistants Benefit Plan

The new Saskatchewan Dental Assistants Association Benefit program has been designed by the SDAA to provide members and their families an affordable comprehensive benefit plan.  Additionally the plan can enroll the staff of a dental office in our new"SDAA Flex Benefits Plan".  No clinic is too small.

Our SDAA Benefit plan is a competitive high quality benefits program, providing services and coverages of Extended Medical, Dental,  Long-term disability, Critical illness, and Family counseling.  Several  of our plan options are only available from your SDAA Benefit Plan and are not available from other plans currently being marketed to SDAA members.

Why you should by disability coverage.

Your SDAA Benefit plan is the only benefit plan that guarantees to issue you $25,000 of  life insurance, $25,000 critical illness, $1,000 of long term disability insurance and a family counseling program called EAP without asking for medical information. 

With our new plan all SDAA members can purchase benefits regardless of your health.  

Support your SDAA Benefit Plan. By clicking the links below, you will be able to review the plan design and request a quote.

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