I have been providing financial services to SDAA members since 2007. With our extensive experience dealing with insurance companies we will assist you with any claim or administration problem you may encounter with your SDAA plan.

I also advise members on life insurance, mortgage insurance, Registered  Education Savings Plans, critical illness insurance on you, your spouse or children.

A SDAA member placed Critical Illness insurance on her children because there isn't a children's hospital in Saskatchewan and they would have to travel out of Province to receive the needed medical treatment. Her and her husband taking time off work and as they did not have the large amount of cash needed in the event one of her children became sick, so critical illness on the child was the best solution.

You  cannot buy a specific insurance policy to cover these expenses.You would have to use savings, line of credit, holiday pay, retirement savings or borrow from family or friends.

This is just one of the ideas we have providing financial stability to your family.  

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Financial Planning Ideas