Saskatchewan Dental Assistants Benefit Plan Design

Guaranteed Issue and Mandatory  Benefits:


                          $25,000 Life Insurance : pays your beneficiary $25,000 tax free in the event of your death due to an accident

                          or sickness.


                          $25,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment: pays for death due to an accident or if an accident causes you

                          to lose your eyesight, if you become a parapelegic, lose the use of one or more of your limbs, etc.  A cash

                          settlement is paid to you.  

                          $25,000 Critical Illness Insurance covers 26 conditions. Tax free benefits are paid 30 days after your diagnosis.

                          Long term disability: Employment Insurance  provides you an income for the first four months of disability. After

                          four months of employment disability, and upon approval of your claim by the insurance company, your long term

                          disability pays you tax free income to the age of 65.

                          The amount paid by the insurance company is 66.67% of  your GROSS monthly salary.

                          Employee Assistance Program: a counseling program designed to assist you and your family with personal

                          situations such as marital problems, stress, problems with children, etc.


Optional Benefits: 


                          Extended Medical Benefits:

                                                                          prescription coverage including oral contraceptives,

                                                                          chiropractor, physiotherapy, massage therapy, etc

                                                                          eye exams, semi private hospital, orthotics

                                                                          Out of Province and Country medical coverage


                          Dental Insurance:

                                                                          80%  Basic dental only $1,500 per calendar year

                                                                          80% Basic Dental  and 50% crowns and dentures $1,500 per calendar year

                                                                          Basic dental insurance includes 6 month checkups,cleanings, periodontics,

                                                                          endodontics, simple extractions as well as the extraction of wisdom teeth   

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